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IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs: A New & Improved System

The pandemic caused by the virus COVID-19 has been changing the ways we live and function our day to day lives since the first case was caught in late 2019. Lockdowns and travel restrictions employed by most countries worldwide has ever since led the decision makers of industries to change their ways of continuing business. The same applies to the international education industry that has been most affected from the COVID-19 crisis.

At IEFT, we believe that every crisis can be turned into an opportunity to improve and move forward in life. We are well aware that all industries have gone through significant changes due to the pandemic, and so has the international educational fairs industry. To ensure the health of all the participants of our fairs, we have been working day and night to come up with an innovative system which we named as IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs.

During the pandemic, as the IEFT team, we wanted to keep supporting all our collaborators through online seminars, emailing, sms, and social media campaigns. Therefore, we created a project called ‘IEFT Talks Webinars‘, and other marketing tools that offer a spot for all our international partners to present themselves in the Turkish market and meet their potential students.

In the scope of the IEFT Talks Webinars, we have organized 900 webinars with the participation of our partner schools and organizations from all over the world. Our webinars have been quite the success and brought together around 10.000 interested students and serious parents.


IEFT Talks Webinar was born out of necessity during the early phases of the pandemic. It served its purpose better than expected, connecting the best international educational institutions with the most qualified Turkish students. Due to this immense interest and great positive feedback that we received over the past year, we decided to make IEFT Talks Webinars a trademark and a continuous service that we offer to our partners even after the pandemic. To get more information on IEFT Talks Webinars, click here to visit the official website. 

IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs: A New & Improved System Forget all you know about traditional international educational fairs because IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs is about to change the future of international fairs. We believe that international travel and the International Educational Fairs go hand in hand, and they will continue to prosper in the future. Meeting with students and parents face to face will be still as crucial as it used to be before the pandemic. However, there has been a recent shift to the digital world and it seems to stay for good in the future even well after the pandemic ends. Therefore, IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs incorporates the best of the two worlds: online and face to face events all under the same roof. How does IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs Work? In the scope of this innovative fair, we will use online resources regularly. We will do pre-screen video meetings, online seminars, and conferences. However, the final decisions will be made through face to face (one-on-one) meetings at the fair. The process is simple yet effective, because it eliminates the students who are not seriously considering studying abroad at your institution, and it makes sure you receive only the high quality, well-paying, serious students. IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs in 5 Simple Steps
  1. The potential student or parent fills a form to attend the school’s webinars as well as its face to face meetings.
  2. The potential student examines the school profile and requests a one-on-one meeting.
  3. The school examines the potential student’s profile to decide if they would like to meet with the student and their parents.
  4. The school presents a webinar to potential students before attending to face to face meetings and afterwards schedules a meeting for a face to face meeting at the IEFT Hybrid Fall fairs in March.
  5. The school meets the potential student at the fairs and recruits the student right away if they are deemed worthy of admission. If the school will not be present at the fair, they can work with their agent and recruit the students through agents or online platforms instead. 
Online Works to do Before On-Site Face to Face Meetings Our new & improved IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs will incorporate online events with on-site events to achieve maximum benefit for all our international collaborators. Here are some specifics of the IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs: – The schools organize a webinar to introduce themselves to the potential students before traveling to on-site fairs. – We work with the most advanced technology platform Marcom Ace for all our online events and fairs. Marcom Ace is created by MARCOM, specifically to bring schools and students around organized appointments – The online events are launched 4 weeks prior to the onsite fairs to achieve the maximum exposure and provide enough time for all online meetings. – The schools are able to view each students’ profile to make sure only those who fit the application criteria gets a face to face meeting – Each student profile is pre-screened according to the school’s profile – The students can check out each school’s profile and programs to be able to apply for the right schools – Both schools and students are able to meet each other on Zoom or other platform for video meetings to discuss admission details – Each school can prescreen and give appointments to potential students to ensure all meetings are fruitful with a positive outcome On-Site Events and Face to Face Meetings
  • Our on-site events are mainly similar to the regular IEFT fairs, taking place in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir twice a year. The only difference is that the meetings are conducted through a reservation system, and therefore the fairs won’t be as crowded and packed as it used to be in the previous fairs.
  • This measure is taken to ensure the safety of all the participant school representatives, students, parents, and organizers.
  • The reservation system does not reduce the number of potential students, and instead, it gives you a chance to have focused meetings with only the serious candidates.
  • During our on-site events, we take all the necessary hygiene precautions; masks, and hand sanitizers are widely distributed, as well as cleaning stations are implemented. Social distancing rules are reminded through regular intervals as well as upon entry to ensure the safety of all participants.
  • Each institution has a table in 10 sqm space and separators. Students and parents visit by appointment in every 20 minutes. So, you will be able to have around 30 one-to-one meetings each day from 10 AM to 7 PM, as 3 days in Istanbul, 1 day in Ankara, and 1 day in Izmir. Thus, each participant representative will be able to meet around 150 potential pre-screened students and parents.
Online After On-Site Events
  • After the fairs, you are still able to meet students online to discuss more in detail and follow up through Zoom meetings. The complete data of those who are interested in your institution is given to you afterwards the fairs.
  • We carry on assisting you in promoting your institution through our IEFT Talks Webinars, e-mailing, SMS, and social media marketing campaigns.
Venues and Dates 39th IEFT Fairs – Fall 2021 .. Ekim 2021 – Ankara: Sheraton Hotel .. Ekim 2021 – Izmir: Hilton Hotel .. Ekim 2021 – Istanbul Asian Side: Wyndham Grand Kalamis .. Ekim 2021 – Istanbul European Side: Istanbul Congress Centre IEFT Hybrid Fair Locations and Prices


IEFT TALKS is the only platform that you can reach the maximum number of prospective Turkish students and parents for the lowest prices!

What is IEFT Talks Webinars?

IEFT Talks Webinars consists of a series of web seminars (also known as webinars), that requires nothing but a computer with a microphone, camera, and internet connection for you to get started right away. Each webinar takes 45 to 60 minutes with the participation of a minimum of 70 to 150 high school and university students and parents, graduates, educational agents and representatives, with some webinars receiving over 300 students & parents and huge interest. IEFT Talks Webinars is the best way to reach millions of potential Turkish students with a few clicks from the comfort of your own home/office with no traveling required.

The target audience of IEFT Talks Webinars is motivated and hard-working Turkish students who are planning to go abroad for their studies. Our aim at IEFT is to bring together the most successful high school, undergraduate, and graduate students looking for a quality education abroad. We also bring together parents, educational agents, and high school counselors to help you recruit the best students.



How much does a webinar session cost ?

Value for money is our motto in IEFT Talks Webinars! A webinar session costs only 1000 USD. We also have exclusive package offers. You can now book 3 webinars for the price of 2,300 USD.

You can book your IEFT Talks Webinars sessions in only 60 seconds!


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