We know that IEFT Talks Webinars is a unique project and we receive many questions to clarify. Here is a compilation of the frequently asked questions and answers so that you can get a clear idea of IEFT Talks Webinars. We believe that the information below will help you.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have other questions or concerns.

How long does the webinar last?

The webinar lasts 45 to 60 minutes in total including a questions and answers session at the end. You can adjust how much time you want to spend for the presentation and a Q&A session depending on your preference.

Is there a specific format for this webinar to follow?

No, not at all. You have around one hour and you can arrange your webinar the way you want.

You can show a video, tell a story, introduce your programs and services, ask questions, and answer questions.

The sky is the limit! We only ask you to be mindful of the time as there are other webinars after yours.

How can I access the webinar as a speaker?

The speakers receive an automated, personalized webinar access link from Livestorm.co. 

Automated means the platform sends it automatically, so we have no control over when it will be delivered but you should expect to receive it at the latest 3-4 days prior to your scheduled time. Personalized means the link is for you only, and you shouldn't send it to others or your co-hosts. It can be used by one speaker at a time. If you want to add another speaker, please read #13.

Also, please make sure that you use Google Chrome as the Internet Browser while you are connecting to the system

Do you record the session?

Yes, we record the session and we upload it on our YouTube channel a few days after the session. 

Can I share my screen? Can I share my presentation?

Yes, you can. The best way to do this is to have the presentation in PowerPoint format. 

If you have it in PowerPoint format:

Step 1. Open the PowerPoint document.

Step 2. Click "Share".

Step 3. Click "Share Screen".

Step 4. Click "Application Window", the option found in the middle.

Step 5. Choose the PowerPoint document.

Step 6. Click "Share".

We kindly ask you to not disable screen share during your webinar, as it most often leads to the freezing of screens for all speakers and other technical problems. So, once you are done with the presentation during the webinar, please do not touch any button, we will disable your screen share for you.

Can I share a YouTube video?

Yes, you can share a YouTube video.

Step 1. Open the video on YouTube.

Step 2. Click "Share".

Step 3. Click "Share Screen".

Step 4. Click "Chrome Window", the option found on the far right.

Step 5. Choose the YouTube page 

Step 6. Click "Share".

Will you share the list of participants with me?

Upon your request, we share the list of participants with you in Excel format.

How can I invite people to listen to my webinar?

We send you a webinar promotion link a few days prior to your webinar. You can use it to invite the audience. You can also share it on your social media channels and website for marketing.

Can I see some examples of past webinars?

You can see them on our YouTube channel.

Can I sign up to listen to the other institutions' webinars?

Yes, you can. Here is our webinar page, click on any webinar you would like to join as an audience, and sign up. You will receive a mail with access link and reminder emails leading up to the webinar date & time.

Do you provide a translator?

No, we do not provide a translator. If you prefer to join your session with a translator you need to send their name, surname, and email address so they can receive a personalized webinar access link.

Will someone from IEFT assist me during the webinar?

Yes, our team will be there as well as a representative from our IT department will be present to fix any technical issues arising during the webinar. During the webinar, our team will be on mute unless you need our assistance.

Can I add my colleague/former student/friend etc. as a speaker?

Yes, you can. You need to send their name, surname, and email address to us so they can receive a webinar access link. Please make sure to do this as early as possible because if you add/remove speakers last minute, they face problems with webinar access links. 

Please make sure to make all changes regarding speakers at least 1 day prior to your event so that there are no last-minute technical issues.

Will you share my presentation with the participants after the webinar?

No, we will not. You can contact the student one-on-one to send the presentation or send marketing and promotional emails.

How do you market my webinar?

We share your webinar on our website, social media channels; Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. We promote the webinar via Google Ads and we also have SMS and e-mailing campaigns catered to our registered student data.

Can I contact the participants later? Do they consent to sharing of information when they register for the webinar?

You can contact the participants later if you prefer. When they sign up they agree to the terms and conditions of data usage.

Can I try the platform prior to the webinar? Do we test the platform before the webinar?

If you received the webinar access link, you can use it to test the platform on your own/with your colleagues. We ask you to be present on the platform 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time to run a test together.

I haven't received a webinar access link. What do I do?

If you haven't received the webinar link one hour prior to your scheduled time, please contact our team at +90 554 5185975

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Would you like to know what they say about IEFT TALKS?


IEFT TALKS is the only platform that you can reach the maximum number of prospective Turkish students and parents for the lowest prices!

What is IEFT Talks Webinars?

IEFT Talks Webinars consists of a series of web seminars (also known as webinars), that requires nothing but a computer with a microphone, camera, and internet connection for you to get started right away. Each webinar takes 45 to 60 minutes with the participation of a minimum of 70 to 150 high school and university students and parents, graduates, educational agents and representatives, with some webinars receiving over 300 students & parents and huge interest. IEFT Talks Webinars is the best way to reach millions of potential Turkish students with a few clicks from the comfort of your own home/office with no traveling required.

The target audience of IEFT Talks Webinars is motivated and hard-working Turkish students who are planning to go abroad for their studies. Our aim at IEFT is to bring together the most successful high school, undergraduate, and graduate students looking for a quality education abroad. We also bring together parents, educational agents, and high school counselors to help you recruit the best students.



How much does a webinar session cost ?

Value for money is our motto in IEFT Talks Webinars! A webinar session costs only 1000 USD. We also have exclusive package offers. You can now book 3 webinars for the price of 2,300 USD.

You can book your IEFT Talks Webinars sessions in only 60 seconds!


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