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EuroAsia Agent Workshop brought together over 350 educators from 30 countries and 500 agents and representatives from 40 countries since 2017 and it became one of the best agent workshops in the EuroAsia area. However, because of the pandemic instead of on-site events we will be organising YEDAB-EUROASIA SCHOOLS WEBINARS FOR AGENTS in October 2020.

YEDAB has around 300 official members and we will invite all YEDAB members and non-members to our webinars. The invitation to webinar for each school will also be sent to over 10,000 agents around the world.

EuroAsia Agent Workshop brought together over 350 educators from 30 countries and 500 agents and representatives from 40 countries since 2017 and became one of the best agent workshops in the Euroasia. Despite this success, the COVID 19 pandemic has been hindering our efforts to organize yet another successful Agent Workshop in 2020. Therefore we had to take the bitter decision not to organise on-site EuroAsia Agent Workshop this year. The alternative is the online workshop that is planned to take place for 3 days in the form of webinars and each school will be able to book their slots easily on their preferred days and times.

A total of 21 educational institutions will be presenting at our webinars. Each webinar will take around 60 minutes (35 minutes of presentation and 25 of a Q&A section afterwards). It is expected that each webinar will receive the participation of around 50 to 100 international agents which are members of 300 YEDAB and non-member agencies, and the cost of the events will be 1500 USD per webinar.

The agents that attend to our webinars are powerful industry stakeholders and decision-makers, most of them consist of the owners or managers of agencies. The agents mainly participate from the following countries; Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other influential players in the international education industry. For more details, check out the previous participants list here.

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In these tough times, the power of the internet shines through. We have been organizing webinars for the better part of 2020, and our webinars have been extremely effective in connecting sector leaders with each other for profitable business opportunities. Therefore, we decided to rely on the power of the internet and continue with our webinars for as long as the pandemic continues to affect the world.

Organising one to one meetings is extremely difficult because bringing together institutions and agents from different parts of the world is a constraint due to the time difference. Therefore, for efficiency purposes these webinars will not be one-on-one meetings and rather will be group webinars where each institution presents themselves to the rest of the participants. However, after the webinars, interested parties are presented with a chance to organize one-on-one meetings to further discuss the details of their possible collaboration.

We welcome the institutions offering the following degrees and programmes:

• Undergraduate and Graduate Programmes
• Foundation and A Level Programmes
• 2 Years Community Colleges and TAFE Institutes
• Language Courses
• Summer Schools and Summer Camp Programmes
• High School Programmes
• GMAT, SAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL Preparation Classes
• Executive Programmes
• Pre-Masters / Pre-MBA
• Certificate and Diploma Programmes
• Internship and Co-Op Programmes
• Exchange Programmes
• Scholarship Offices
• International Educational Attaches and Promotion Offices
• Embassies and Consulates
• Organizations Offering Language and Aptitude Tests
• Online Education Providers

EuroAsia Online Agent Webinars focus on language schools, summer courses, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and high schools. We, therefore, strongly recommend that education providers take part in this unique workshop to meet our selected agents from the Greater Middle East region, comprising countries in the Gulf region, Northern Africa, Central Asia, the Balkans, and Southeast Asia, all keen on meeting international education providers in Turkey.

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What is IEFT Talks Webinars?

IEFT Talks Webinars consists of a series of web seminars (also known as webinars), that requires nothing but a computer with a microphone, camera, and internet connection for you to get started right away. Each webinar takes 45 to 60 minutes with the participation of a minimum of 70 to 150 high school and university students and parents, graduates, educational agents and representatives, with some webinars receiving over 300 students & parents and huge interest. IEFT Talks Webinars is the best way to reach millions of potential Turkish students with a few clicks from the comfort of your own home/office with no traveling required.

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How much does a webinar session cost ?

Value for money is our motto in IEFT Talks Webinars! A webinar session costs only 1000 USD. We also have exclusive package offers. You can now book 3 webinars for the price of 2,300 USD.

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