Benefits of IEFT Talks Webinars (IEFT Talks Webinars vs In-Person Fairs)

IEFT Talks Webinars is a great alternative for the in person fairs we organize twice a year. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, as the IEFT Team we decided to come up with online seminars to connect all international education institutions with potential students and support the educational fairs industry during this unprecedented period. IEFT Talks Webinars is planned to give you the best chance to promote your brand and build your student base in Turkey.

Easy to Use

No technical data necessary, no need to download any programs or applications. The platform we use is extremely simple; all you need is a computer with a webcam & a microphone, and a stable internet connection. With a few clicks, you are ready to meet your prospective students in no time!


IEFT Talks Webinars consist of a series of webinars that are confined to 60 minutes per session. You can book as many sessions as you prefer. Can’t make it to the scheduled session? No problem, we can reschedule anytime with no extra charge if you let us know a week in advance.

Short & Sweet

Each webinar session lasts up to 60 minutes. There is no specific format to follow. You can start with a simple presentation to introduce your institution and services, and then move on to answer questions of participating students and parents. You can decide how much time you would like to spend on the presentation part and on the Q&A part. If this does not sound creative enough, you can come up with your own format as long as you pay attention to the time limit.

Cost Effective

If you are looking for the value of your money, IEFT Talks Webinars is the right tool for you to curb the costs while maximizing your marketing efforts. With only a small amount of budget, you can book several slots of IEFT Talks Webinars and start connecting with highly motivated potential students right away!

Direct & Efficient

IEFT has a very large database of Turkish students planning to study abroad. IEFT Talks Webinars are to the point and effective because you directly meet the serious potential students and families, instead of wasting your precious time and efforts on those who are just looking with no serious intention and budget. IEFT Talks Webinars is as efficient as in person fairs as it can also be used as a tool to pre-meet your potential candidates before your trip to the in person IEFT Hybrid Fairs.(

Suitable for all institutions

Are you an educational institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees? Or you may be a language school looking to bring a new batch of students motivated to hack the English language. Regardless of the educational programs you offer, IEFT Talks Webinars are suitable for all institutions whether you are a university, college, high school, language school, or a study abroad agency.

In our student database we have specific student profiles such as those who are looking to study undergraduate degrees, or students looking to study at a language summer camp. We, therefore, arrange our marketing campaigns according to the participating institutions’ services. If you offer undergraduate and graduate degrees we market to a specific audience segment, whereas if you offer high school programs we offer to another audience segment. That is what makes IEFT Talks Webinars suitable for all institutions to support their marketing efforts in Turkey!

7/24 Team Support

Our friendly and professional IEFT Talks Team is always there for you 24/7. We are committed to giving you the best IEFT Talks Webinars experience, assisting you on technical issues as well as simple translations during webinars. It is our primary motto to serve you to achieve your marketing goals. We are avid problem-solvers and we are ready to support your institution anywhere, anytime!


IEFT Talks Webinars is a fabulous networking opportunity for all institutions. If you are looking to unite your powers with one or a few other educational institutions/agencies, you can solidify your network by co-hosting webinars together with other participant institutions. To check out some examples of co-hosted webinars, go to our Youtube channel here; YouTube channel. If you would like to organize a co-hosted webinar, please contact us at

Strong Marketing

IEFT Talks Webinars is one of our biggest projects we have undertaken and so far we have hosted around 400 educational institutions from all over the world. For such an extensive project, we focus on our marketing efforts to make sure each webinar attracts around 70 to 150 students. Our marketing efforts include Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, E-mailing and SMS campaigns to our student database, and personal invitations to embassies & consulates, and school representatives and agents from around the world.
When it comes to the promotion of your webinar, you have nothing to worry about. We take care of all marketing related details to ensure your webinar reaches as many potential students and parents as possible. We also design and send you social media banners that you can share on your institutions’s official social media channels to promote the event as well.

Best Webinars at IEFT Talks

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IEFT TALKS is the only platform that you can reach the maximum number of prospective Turkish students and parents for the lowest prices!

What is IEFT Talks Webinars?

IEFT Talks Webinars consists of a series of web seminars (also known as webinars), that requires nothing but a computer with a microphone, camera, and internet connection for you to get started right away. Each webinar takes 45 to 60 minutes with the participation of a minimum of 70 to 150 high school and university students and parents, graduates, educational agents and representatives, with some webinars receiving over 300 students & parents and huge interest. IEFT Talks Webinars is the best way to reach millions of potential Turkish students with a few clicks from the comfort of your own home/office with no traveling required.

The target audience of IEFT Talks Webinars is motivated and hard-working Turkish students who are planning to go abroad for their studies. Our aim at IEFT is to bring together the most successful high school, undergraduate, and graduate students looking for a quality education abroad. We also bring together parents, educational agents, and high school counselors to help you recruit the best students.



How much does a webinar session cost ?

Value for money is our motto in IEFT Talks Webinars! A webinar session costs only 1000 USD. We also have exclusive package offers. You can now book 3 webinars for the price of 2,300 USD.

You can book your IEFT Talks Webinars sessions in only 60 seconds!


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Benefits of IEFT Talks Webinars (IEFT Talks Webinars vs In-Person Fairs)

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